computational language understanding lab

Current Projects

Explainable Natural Language Inference. Sponsor: NSF under award numbers 1815358 (Stony Brook University) and 1815948 (University of Arizona).

Automated Model Assembly using Text, Equations, and Software (AutoMATES). Sponsor: DARPA within the Automated Scientific Knowledge Extraction (ASKE) program.

Global Reading and Assembly for Semantic, Probabilistic World Models (GRASP). Sponsor: DARPA within the World Modelers program.

Development of causal models with the aid of natural language processing (NLP) technology. Sponsor: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation within the HBGDki program.

Temporal Relation Discovery for Clinical Text. Sponsor: NIH NLM under award R01LM010090.

Automated Domain Adaptation for Clinical Natural Language Processing. Sponsor: NIH NLM under award R01LM012918.

Using Natural Language Processing to Determine Predictors of Healthy Diet and Physical Activity Behavior Change in Ovarian Cancer Survivors. Sponsor: NIH NCI under award R21CA256680

Learning science concepts through metaphor comprehension, production, and conversation: Behavioral, neural and artificial intelligence measures. Sponsor: NSF BCS under award 2140897.

Past Projects

A Data Science Platform and Mechanisms for Its Sustainability. Sponsor: NSF SMA RIDIR under award 1831551.

SCH: Enhancing Nurse Decision-Making via Augmented Communication Tools (ACTs). Sponsor: NIH, within the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering program.

REACH: Reading and Assembling Contextual and Holistic Mechanisms from Text. Sponsor: DARPA within the Big Mechanism program.

Explainable Robust Approximate Inference for Question Answering. Sponsor: Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence, within the Aristo project.

Extended Methods and Software Development for Health NLP. Sponsor: NIH NIGMS under award R01GM114355.