Computer Science

CSC 483/CSC 583: Text Retrieval and Web Search
CSC 585: Algorithms for Natural Language Processing

School of Information

ISTA 355: Introduction to Natural Language Processing
ISTA 410/INFO 510: Bayesian Modeling and Inference
ISTA 421/INFO 521: Introduction to Machine Learning
ISTA 450/INFO 550: Artificial Intelligence
ISTA 455/INFO 555: Applied Natural Language Processing
ISTA 457/INFO 557: Neural Networks


LING 408/LING 508: Computational Techniques for Linguistics
LING 439/LING 539: Statistical Natural Language Processing
LING 478/LING 578: Speech Technology
LING 582: Advanced Statistical Natural Language Processing

Management Information Systems

MIS 510: Web Computing and Mining
MIS 545: Data Mining for Business Intelligence
MIS 548: Introduction to Deep Learning
MIS 586: Big Data Analytics